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The highest scoring wine from Torrontes. Torrontés is a name rapidly becoming synonymous with the white wine of Argentina. It doesn't represent just a single grape variety, several varieties bear the name Torrontés. Torrontés wines range in style from light and fresh to heady and intensely perfumed 2019-06-19 · There is where they have planted #Torrontés with which they produce Las Perdices Torrontés. Owner of floral aromas where jasmine dominates, the wine reflects a midium acidity on the palate with a citric touch and a medium lingering, what makes this a rounded wine. . .

Torrontes wine

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År: 2019. Alkoholhalt: 13%. Druva: 100% Torrontés. Idag har Kaiken expanderat utanför Mendoza och har även vingårdar i Salta som de anser är den främsta växtplatsen för Torrontes.

Se encuentra únicamente en Argentina y se consolida como la firma del vino blanco del país. Existen tres variantes de Torrontés: el mendocino y el sanjuanino,  Torrontés is not one but three distinct white grape varieties grown in Argentina, making aromatic, distinctive wines.

Køb La Linda - Torrontes fra Luigi Bosca til 159,00 SEK

Torrontés Mendocino The relatively limited plantings of Torrontés Mendocino are in decline as this variety is considered the black sheep of the Torrontés family, making wines of lesser quality and the least aromatic of them all. torr-ron-tez Argentina’s very own white is actually a group of 3 varieties that are offspring of Muscat of Alexandria. Of the 3 varieties Torrontés Riojano is considered the best. Torrontés makes zesty, dry wines with flavors of citrus and tropical fruits.

Torrontes wine

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Colomé’s vineyards are actually the highest in the world at over 3,000 metres altitude. Also high in altitude, there is the San Pedro de Yacochuya Torrontes which is grown at 2 Buy wine online and have wine delivered to your door. Find the best price for Torrontes wine! Torrontes is a highly aromatic and floral wine is the Argentine white wine flag-carrier for the North. According to Jancis Robinson, the Torrontés grape has the capability of producing wines of very high quality but success is dependent on the skill and care of the winemaking process, particularly in maintaining suitable acid levels to balance the wine. 2021-04-20 · The Torrontes grape is unique to Argentina where it produces delightful, light, aromatic dry whites - highly moreish.

Save. 1. Bodega El Porvenir de Cafayate Laborum de Parcela Finca El Retiro Torrontés 2018Cafayate Valley·Argentina. Average rating. 4.3. 49 ratings. We & Wine Linnégatan 89D, 115 23 Stockholm www.weandwine.se | E-mail: info@weandwine.se | Tel: +46 8 555 292 00 Fler produkter från samma producent 2019-06-19 · Historically Torrontés was produced in the East, where mainly high-volume wines are produced, and maybe is where the wines are more similar to Northern ones, with more concentration.
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Torrontes wine

Frankrike. Italien. Spanien. Ecologica Torrontés Chardonnay. 199 kr (nr.

Det förekommer tre varianter i Argentina. Det finns även en druva i Galicien som heter torrontés, men deras släktskap är osäkert.
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Ecologica Torrontés Chardonnay 75cl - Torr, aromatisk, druvig smak med inslag av citrus, päron och fläder. Både Krav- och Leverantör:Viva Wine & Spirits.

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Argentina’s most important white wine variety is technically three varieties. Torrontés refers to three different, although genetically very similar, white grape varieties: Torrontés Riojano, Torrontés Sanjuanino and Torrontés Mendocino. Torrontés is Argentina’s sole native grape and might be the perfect viticultural expression for a country whose romantic and sentimental traditions are never too far from a celebration.

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2016 Erbaluce di Caluso Erbaluce 580. FATTORIA LA MALIOSA –Tuscany, Italy.

199 kr (nr. 6231) • Vitt vin, lätt & friskt • Famatina Valley, Argentina Finns i Systembolagets butiker • Hitta närmaste butik.